i have missed home.
14.06.13 | 10:34 pm

have i ever gushed about how absolutely perfect my family is?

my dad ordered me a ball park staff t-shirt (they are hiliter pink this year) because when i came home last time, i was so sad that i was the only one in the house who didn't have one.

my mother unexpectedly gave me $150 to help me pay for my computer even though i repeatedly told her i could take care of it. i could have cried when she offered that to me and then made me take it.

my brothers, all of them, are hysterical and so healthy and happy right now. john ryan finally quit his job and is working with dad again, so are casey and travis, ryan seth is doing amazingly well and looks so good, and bret is just living up the summer.

i talked to ethan, who might as well be my brother, for an hour at the ball park picnic table about music and concerts we want to go to and how excited he is or is not about starting college in the fall.

my family may drive me crazy but damn, i love them something fierce and they are perfect and sitting in here on this couch is the most familiar and best place in the world.

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