27.06.13 | 12:56 am

i find hearing about people's dreams is interesting, contrary to (evidently) popular belief.

the other night i had a dream that reece decided that he wanted to date me, but i understood that i was a last resort. because he couldn't find anyone else.

it was odd.


it's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.

(i think wordplay and puns are the best kinds of humor...)

i put that on facebook and my friend jonathan replied, "that reminds me of that art thief and photographer i used to know. neither took the other's picture."

i just died. he used to be my french partner, but the most vivid memory i have of him is the day we argued about which shakespeare play was the best. he's out in arizona now doing god knows what with his computer science/french/drama degree. i loved him a little bit or at the very least admired him very strongly (if you couldn't tell that by now). he was also 6'7".


it has taken me years to recognize that, actually, i love driving. it's very calming for me. for a very long time i thought i hated it, but really i hated who was in the passenger's seat criticizing every move i made (except that i look both ways before going once the light turns green).


the rest of this was written many many hours ago, i drank a bottle of blueberry wine and am now talking to you and we are telling each other we talk to each other more than anyone else.

sometimes i get so far ahead and pull myself back.

you call me selfless and tell me you doubt that i will be alone forever (though it feels that way to me). you say that no one will want to put up with you until you die.

and we talk about your father.

and christ i need a hug.

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