02.07.13 | 11:02 pm

this has never been a space for well thought out sentiments.

this has always been a haven for immediate reactions.

"you obviously didn't listen to me... that i find it fun. and impersonal. or that it actually brings people closer together."

i have a lot of things to learn in my life.

but at least i do know how lucky i am to have the amazing people who are in my life. people who put up with my self-centeredness and tendency to take things personally.

my mom even called me while i was working and left me a voicemail apologizing for getting mad at me yesterday.

every time i fight with someone or they get mad at me, i assume they are never going to want to talk to me again. (in other words, i am crazy.)

at least it is crazy in the sense that i understand the people in my life are important and don't want to lose them in any way.

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