my feelings are always hurt, whatever
17.07.13 | 5:25 pm

i am kind of mean but it's fun to make you sweat.

you kind of suck.

the end.

there is no hope for me. i screw up every chance i get.

why can't anyone understand that i just have to talk about things? just give me that little bit of time.

there is no care there. there never was.

i was just there.

sometimes i get overwhelmed with seeing everyone else progress and me being left here. everyone is ahead of me in some facet of their life. if it's not one, it's another.

(which makes sense because that's life.)

but i navigate some situations so poorly it's almost funny.

why do people have to put "lol" after everything? it looks so goddamn stupid.

i expect people to talk about things.

does that not happen anymore?

and yeah, i wanted to to ease my mind. that's exactly why. so there is a goddamn point to it.

what do i ever expect?

too much. too much.

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