19.07.13 | 11:16 am

and then i remember how much i can hate camacho when he's purposefully being a dick in front of a bunch of people.

why do i tell anyone anything? some information is not meant to just be thrown around.

for instance: if i did not think that everyone would tell me, "that's stupid, get over it," i would tell them about how halfway through my workout bryant and shane walked into the gym and it made me really nervous and they waved at me and it made me really angry, even though i know i would have been angrier if they had ignored me.

and i know i have no reason to be angry.


i haven't been on birth control for a week and all i seem to feel is either rage toward really unimportant things (see: an acne commercial where the actress says, "my acne cleared up and i got a boyfriend and now play music in a band!") or hate toward people i shouldn't.

and my lower back has been hurting really bad.

i never want to tell anyone anything ever again.

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