23.07.13 | 4:38 pm

i spent most of yesterday at my parents' home.

my niece addi and my nephew lane were both there, too. they're both so cute and they're both just like their father (not exactly a good thing). i want lane to keep his blonde curls but i know they'll fall straight and his hair will turn dark just like everyone else's.

my mother made me macaroni and cheese for dinner because she is the best and when i told her i didn't sleep well the night before and was tired, she made me go take a nap in her bed with the best pillows in the world.

ryan seth took me to get a s'mores blizzard. we hopped in his dilapidated yellow truck and he sang this song while telling me about his next plans. how he's looking for a job besides umpiring. how he's trying to form a future for himself and his girlfriend.

it's comforting.

my momma talked to me about the fact that i want to move away from kentucky for a while. she made a face. "mom, you have five other kids who are willing to stay in this very county." "yeah, but maybe they aren't the ones i want to stay close."

i forget sometimes that some people want me.

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