"you can do better than meeeee"
30.07.13 | 7:34 pm

last night i slept with all three dogs in my bed instead of just my one, and although i was originally apprehensive, it turned out quite well as i was very warm and snug the whole time (and so were they). tonight we get to do it again.

i feel where you've kind of fallen into the same place i have reserved for everyone i care about. it's almost saddening but necessary.

it's about time, anyhow.

(if you were beside me in this break room you would've heard my very heavy sigh.)

i talked to you the other day about marriage (because for some reason we end up on the subject a lot) and you told me that you would actually like to get married one day (something that was surprising). but you said, "it would have to be with the right person. but i would also have to be the right person, and that may take a while." it was an interesting way to put it that i hadn't thought of before.

i always feel like i'm full of all this love to give and i just want to take care of people, but that doesn't quite cover all (or any really) of the bases, does it? a lot goes into it.

yet there are people much worse than me who have had something for a very long time. who care so little. how does that work, exactly?

i don't know. like i've said before, you could do a hell of a lot worse than me.

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