i just want your kiss, boy
13.08.13 | 1:10 am

we skyped tonight and i could see how tired he was in his eyes. he worked a fourteen hour day. i gave him book recommendations and told him about the dancing plague in the 1500's and he told me puns and said i was the least crazy person he knows.

("right, i'm just overly emotional. about everything.")

i feel bad because it's always as though i start to complain about something like this when he steps back up again.

that's not to say in a romantic way, but a platonic one.


i have been thinking lately about how tiring it is sometimes to keep up friendships. i have not always thought this way. in fact, i will tell you that keeping in touch with people is supremely easy.

that's probably just because i'm a talker.

but i am tired of putting forth the effort if that effort isn't reciprocated.

(this is referring to a lot of different people in my life right now.)



i recognize that in a lot of facets of my life i seem remarkably unhappy but the truth of the matter is that most of the time i am rather content. i am rather happy with myself and my surroundings and i understand that there is possibility for change if i don't. there's something to be said for that, at least.

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