emma is one!
17.08.13 | 12:14 pm

i feel this weird sense of deterioration. it stormed really loudly this morning and woke me up around five, and when i tried to roll over to fall back to sleep, my back hurt so bad i nearly cried. it has been doing this for a couple of weeks. i feel stiff and it's right in the center where i'm sore and the pain hits me. i must be sleeping wrong. something.

i have some weird rash that has started on my back, too, and i have this spot on my left side that's irritated and sore but shows no signs on the skin. last night my teeth hurt and hurt and i just kept trying to ignore it.

i don't know but i do know it's emma's first birthday. she is undoubtedly the best decision i have made in the last year. she's perfect and she's somehow just like me but in dog form and she loves too hard and is anxious all the time but full of enthusiasm and there is nothing on this world i love more.

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