24.08.13 | 9:12 pm

i decided to try to clean the entire house today. some sort of symbolism, i guess.

my vacuum cleaner fucked up and the suctioning wasn't working. when i moved one of the coffee tables, i knocked off and broke the candle melter and got wax all over the carpet. while washing the dishes, i dropped and broke a glass in the sink. at that point i just stopped and cried, all three of the dogs standing right below me, concerned.

it is still almost impossible for me to believe that someone can be so selfish.

i'm just unbelievably hurt. and maybe it's naive or silly to be, but i totally am.

i do, at least, have late night reminders that i'm good and someone to live with who is an actual caring wonderful human being.

i am trying to stay optimistic.

it doesn't matter what you do for people, how much you help them, or what you sacrifice for them. because the moment they are able to gain more than you're giving them, they're gone.

it's incredible.

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