what did i come down here for?
27.08.13 | 9:34 am

i'm exhausted. second day of the semester and i'm already behind.

i wake up in pain from my back every day.

my ankles have been fucking up and i have no idea what that's about.

the rashes haven't gone away. they hurt worse now.

but it's impossible to get an appointment with a dermatologist without waiting three to four weeks.

my head is very heavy.

i am hoping that these are all just physical manifestations of stress. the stress that i put on myself unnecessarily.

i need to learn how to better deal with things. i need my first reaction to everything to not be "freak out." i need to relax.

but these are easier said than done.

my body just hurts. my heart just hurts.

these are all reminders that no one is obligated to babysit my feelings.

no one is obligated to talk to me about how things are.

i forget sometimes. but here are the reminders.

just grow up, tia. everyone deals with these things and they are fine. everyone knows how to navigate all of these facets of their lives. why don't you?

why don't i?

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