half dead
01.09.13 | 9:25 am

essentially all i did yesterday was lie in my bed with an ice pack on my back and watch the entire first season of daria.

but it must've been something right, because i didn't wake up in agony this morning! huzzah!

i guess the only thing i will really do today is the homework i should've been doing yesterday. but at least i still have monday off, too, so it's like the entire weekend is still here for me.

i am just saying. waking up every day for a month in pain really makes you appreciate the day when you don't.


don't wanna call you in the nighttime
don't wanna give you all my pieces
don't wanna hand you all my trouble
don't wanna give you all my demons
you'll hafta watch me struggle
from several rooms away
but tonight
i need you to stay


it's 11:30a now and my back is sort of achy but i'm still ecstatic i didn't wake up feeling as though somebody stabbed me in the middle of the night.

i have the worst urge to pack and bag and run far, far away. but i require too much planning for that.

i told someone the other day that i wanted to leave and they just said, "leave then!"

leave, then.

then it sets it that i have nowhere to go.

it's a strange realization when you notice that you're really good at sticking with things that aren't necessarily what you want.

isn't everybody, though?


what am i doing?

what am i doing?

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