giving myself whiplash, but optimism is better than pessimism.
15.09.13 | 6:15 pm

today i wrote a list of possible future careers once i graduate with my MA in december 2014. there is a wide range of possibilities, and there are aspects to every one of them that i would greatly enjoy.

perspective is everything.
you make your own happiness.
you are in charge of how you see the world and how that makes you feel.

i have a wonderful list full of plans for the rest of the semester, including two concerts (city and colour and the avett brothers), a weekend in florida at nerdapalooza, a weekend in gatlinburg with my family for thanksgiving, a weekend in bowling green, ohio, with one of my best friends, one of my best friends visiting kentucky, a wine tasting, eating at red lobster (i haven't been in years so yeah that's important), and going to an orchard when the leaves start to turn.

this is all among my relatively difficult four-class semester and while i am really pretty poor. but hell, going all over the place and seeing so many people is an adventure, and i already want to start planning even more fun things for next semester.

i feel very at peace for the moment. i have been doing yoga almost every night for a week. my back is feeling better but i'm still not sure what's wrong with it (appointment is wednesday). walking emma has been beautiful lately because the weather finally, finally started to cooperate.

things are good. things are okay.

they're only going to get better.

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