today is my dad's birthday.
19.09.13 | 7:26 pm

i found out that i have slight scoliosis and breathed a huge sigh of relief. my spine curves slightly to the right? that's it? fantastic.

the scans also revealed i have "severe tension" in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. none of that is surprising.


i've found a kindred spirit in a girl named zehra who loves the same tv shows as i do and dislikes the same people i do (is it always this way with me?) and who will ride with me to the gas station at night so i don't get mugged.


speaking of, why do strange men think it is okay to knock on our door at 11p? what do you think we are, crazy?


i am still struggling in certain ways but i'd be lying if i said my life wasn't better now than it has been lately.

staying busy means not having enough time to miss people or to feel slightly odd about implying that i miss people.

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