"you're adorable."
26.09.13 | 11:00 pm

i have the best october in history in front of me and i can't wait for it to begin.

it feels as though my life was a complete mess this summer and i'm slowly settled into this perfect space. these perfect feelings and this perfect place.

my classes are going phenomenally. i have a 100% in my integrated TESL class, i just got a 95% on my linguistics exam, i have two projects coming up that are incredibly exciting to me (about teaching creative writing to esl students). what is this groove i fell into and how did i get here?

there is little stress. i stretch my back at night and feel fantastic in the morning.

this weekend i'm visiting home and the first thing my mom proposed was breakfast for dinner, just because i would be there.

i am surrounded by so many wonderful new people who have, once again, admitted me into their lives in the most perfect and full way, embracing the way i am and not questioning it. this, coupled with the people i am already surrounded by, is amazing.

there are so many things to look forward to.

in october: we are having super scary cinema sundays and watching a total of ten scary movies before halloween hits, i'm taking a weekend in florida, i'm going to a bookfest in nashville, i'm visiting one of my best friends in ohio, one of my best friends is spending the weekend with me and we're all going to go to get pumpkins and carve them and drink cider and come home and drink apple honey wine and pumpkin beer, and i can't even accurately express how happy my mother made me this morning when she revealed that my baby brother wants to be an english teacher.

november will only bring more good things.

i just feel so good. so incredibly good.

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