i don't know. life is nice.
01.11.13 | 3:00 pm

even while i'm at this laundromat washing my comforter because emma puked all over it, i am really grateful for my lot.

matt visits me on monday.

after not drinking any cokes for a month, i bought a mountain dew last night. it was disgusting. i don't know whether to be disappointed or glad.

i cleaned out my car, did my laundry, gave emma a bath, all in order to avoid working on this ten page paper or working on my study guide for my exam on tuesday. but at least i feel somewhat accomplished.

i bought three dresses yesterday (one being my bridesmaid dress) and i need to start looking for plane tickets to florida.

i'm busy with one thing or another most of the time and i guess i like it that way but more and more i'm looking forward to winter break. i'm going to start making study guides for orals, volunteer for tesl at the international center, and try to stay home and save some money.

i should really get some schoolwork done tonight.

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