about time is the best movie.
08.11.13 | 11:24 pm

one day, these things will work out. it probably won't be this particular thing. but that doesn't make me unworthy or unloved. it makes the timing poor.

i thought about drinking a bottle of wine tonight, lying in my bed, watching sad tv shows or movies. but i thought better of it, i suppose, and i'm in bed, sober, alone.

it hurts and it's this heavy thing sitting in my chest. knowing that it doesn't matter. knowing that you're never going to bring it up and neither am i.

you can't float through life like that. no matter how happy that singular moment, those few sweet moments made you. no matter if those moments made you forget the bad ones for a little while.

i wish i were enough. but if i were, it wouldn't be healthy, and i would be insecure for different reasons.

one day someone will love me fully and they will lie beside me at night and hold my hand and it will be nice and i will think, what a funny path it took to get here. and it will be okay.

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