i'm so tired, my mind is on the blink
15.11.13 | 6:06 am

so lately i can't sleep. well, i can, but it either takes me hours to fall asleep, or i sleep and wake up at odd intervals, completely awake.

last night i drank a bottle of wine hoping it would put me in a stupor, make me sleep the whole night. went to sleep at 1a, maybe, and woke up at 5a, and have yet to feel the slightest bit tired enough to fall back to sleep.

i don't understand why this is happening.

the night matt stayed, i only slept a couple of hours, if that. however, that was a choice. i wanted to remember every moment, every time he pulled me closer to him, every time he squeezed my hand.

i just wish that was the problem i'm still having.

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