baby, would you stay?
24.11.13 | 3:39 pm

drove to lex last night to see the avett brothers perform again, and of course it was perfect. they're so good live.

and now all i want to do is ignore my homework, listen to their music, and cry in my room.

i'm tired for no good reason and all i want is to be able to wake up next to you again. to feel you kiss my shoulder softly again. to have your hand in mine again.

i'm going nowhere fast. one step forward, two steps back. i want to say "i can't keep doing this to myself" but as soon as i do, you give me a reason to. i wish you wanted me to stay.

i am always saying, "i just want _____" but then i get it and it turns into, "i just want _____" and it's a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction.

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