christmas candy
29.11.13 | 8:15 pm

around the holidays anymore, we rarely see my mother's side of the family. but tonight, two of her youngest sisters and their two only daughters came by and made christmas candy with me and my mom.

my cousin hannah, who i previously found annoying beyond belief, is sixteen now and a lot wiser than i imagined. she spouted off such gems as, "well, i'll be damned if anyone, guy or girl, is gonna tell me who i can and can't talk to" and "getting married at nineteen is like leaving a party at ten o'clock."

it was nice to be in my house and be surrounded by women for a little while, these women who, although i am not around them often, will cut up and talk as though we're together all the time. it is just so nice.


last night, matt and i talked about him meeting my parents, my family. sometimes he talks about the first night we met at kari's birthday party, over a year before her wedding when we actually started talking, and it's amazing the little things he remembers. he's been so cute lately and so nice. i messaged him at 4:30a the other morning after waking up from a nightmare (i didn't want to wake him up if he was sleeping). but the next night i told him about it and he told me i could text him or call him anytime for anything, that i don't have to be worried about waking him up. he wants to talk to me about anything.. he even told me he would watch girls with me. you know, i don't know for sure where this will lead. he is still in colorado and i am still here in kentucky for at least another year. but for right now, this is okay. knowing that he actually likes me, knowing that he will call me every night, knowing that somehow i am important enough for that barrier to, for now, not matter... i'm okay with it.


i don't know, but it sure does say something: i don't have to bother with anyone who treats me poorly and i'm sure as hell not going to worry about it.


i've been watching wedding shows all day. oh, if i ever say i never want to get married, just know i'm lying like a dog.

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