funeral homes are not my kinda place.
26.12.13 | 8:13 pm

we went to the funeral home for my great uncle joe today. he was a man i hadn't seen in at least ten years. the only thing i remember about him is how he used to pick on us when we were little, except baby brother bret loved him, adored him, even.

the only thing good about such is matters is the fact that you see so many relatives you wouldn't see otherwise. i heard so many people tell me that they missed me, talk about how tall bret has gotten, sound impressed at what travis is doing.

i accidentally caught a glimpse of the body. usually i try my hardest to stay away from the casket. here is what i hate about these things: i have no idea why anyone would want to see a dead person looking decidedly unlike themselves in a coffin. it's creepy and it's certainly not how i would want anyone to remember me. these people don't look peaceful or like they are sleeping--they just look dead.

i don't know, in light of it all i told my parents i would rather be cremated and they took it better than i thought they would.

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