i heard what you said under your breath
05.01.14 | 9:04 pm

i don't ever want to leave.

i want to wear his jacket to bed, fall asleep with my head on his chest, and stay in bed with him all day.

nothing has ever felt quite this right.


i went with his parents (his mom has already told me she loves me because i'm doing esl) to where he works today and talked to one of his coworkers named brittany. she just gushed about how much matt has been talking about me, how excited he is to have me here. it feels so good.

the other night we were falling asleep and he said, "how long is it you're staying? the rest of the year, right? i know it's crazy but i'm okay with it."


he tells me things. he tells me everything. i feel so trusted, so cared for when i'm with him. he tells me he's going to take care of me and i want him to.


last night he came home from work. he did this ridiculous dance to strip off his uniform. i don't think anyone has ever made me laugh so hard.

because i was so cold, he was teasing me about how he was going to wear his super comfortable, warm jacket. then at the last second, he put my arms through it, hugged me, and kissed me.

in the kitchen while he was making a pizza, he put his arms around me and we danced around the room, my head against his chest, giggling at how bad of a dancer i am.

he kisses me so softly. he says the cutest things to me. he sent me this dumb snapchat from work with some metal thing on his head and it said, "if only i had a heart... but you have it." he's so damn cute i can't stand it.

he is perfect.

i never want to leave.

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