i should live in salt
13.01.14 | 4:54 pm

his coworkers are referring to his nearly one week off with me as "the honeymoon." tomorrow he's going to talk to his bosses about getting his pto in order to come back to kentucky in march.

i want to be better better better by then. in so many ways.


today we were on the phone and he said that after he gets his degree, there's a good possibility that he could/would transfer to nashville, you know, since my family is pretty close. and i just said, "you know i don't want to live in kentucky right?" and he said, "yeah but it's not kentucky, it's just close," and then all of a sudden this felt very real and i got very scared.

i am a lot more afraid of commitment than i will admit to myself most of the time...

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