oh is it march madness already?
01.03.14 | 4:58 pm

it is still oddly amazing to me that there exists this person who likes me, loves me probably, who, even when i am a ridiculous brat, will still tell me how much he loves to talk to me and just how much he likes me and how he can't wait to see me. he doesn't get angry. he doesn't yell and even if i talk about how stupid i am, he will deny it. he never calls me anything deragatory. he has never said an unkind word to me. more than anything he is considerate and thoughtful towards me and wants to talk everything out.

i know that this should be the baseline but my god, i haven't felt so accepted in so long. and if i don't want to talk about it, he will call me silly but won't push it.

it's so refreshing to me. so, so nice to be treated nicely.


i came home to my parents' house today and every time i step in here, i regret how often i don't. i'm only an hour away, so why don't i make more trips here? i love them. they drive me crazy but i love them.

i can't wait for Matt to meet them all.


i do some really stupid things sometimes but i really am so thankful to have all the things i do.

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