teaching esl in france/switzerland?
22.04.14 | 9:43 pm

i found a couple of TESL abroad jobs tonight that i'm very interested in. one is in france (only seven months long, but the stipend is only about $1,000 a month--may be worth it to me since i won't have to be gone for a mandatory 1-2 years) and the other is in switzerland (i'd try to get in the french-speaking part, it's only ten months long and the stipend is much better at about $2,500 a month). in both of them, i'd be language teaching assistants.

i've emailed one of my professors about them and the programs' credibility and whether or not they would be worth it when i came back and tried to get a job here.

the money from switzerland's program would be nice--plus, it's a place i've never been. either way, i'd get to work on my french skills.

the one in france would start october 2015 and go until april 2016. this would give me time to get even more experience once i have my degree either through a one semester job or through volunteering.

the future is scary. there are so many opportunities everywhere...

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