nothing makes sense
08.05.14 | 11:21 am

last night matt asked me if i wanted him to move back to kentucky.

of course, i said no.

i feel like all i did yesterday was cry and cry and cry.


i also ate everything yesterday. pasta for lunch, lots of pizza and coke for dinner, wine after that.

this week has been one big ball of stress where i haven't done yoga, run, or even walked emma.

i weighed myself this morning thinking i would lose all the progress i had made in one night.

i hadn't gained anything at all.

i've lost 18 lbs now and i want to lose about 12 more by matt and erin's wedding. doable.

i would like for it to get to the point where i could actually tell something was gone. i feel the same. look the same. am the same.


i'm just so tired.

one more week and the semester is over.

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