silly boyf.
30.05.14 | 8:38 pm

i had this silly conversation with my boyfriend about how when he gains weight, he just gains it in his stomach and not his extremities. he then started joking about how he wanted to look like all the super-starved male models he sees in magazines (which of course he doesn't) and we wind up talking about how that's ridiculous and how much i love how he looks now and he agrees that it's ridiculous and tells me over and over and i know why, i know why.

i know why.

i love him and it is amazing how nice he is to me. honestly. it's incredible to feel lifted up by someone, to have them boost your confidence like no one else ever has.

and i think more than anything else he compliments my brain and how smart he thinks i am.

i have just never felt like someone in a relationship ever tried to make me feel so good about myself.

i can't wait until july when i can pull him into my arms again.

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