i am really boring and this proves it.
14.06.14 | 9:24 pm

only five and a half weeks until i'm outta the state.

i've been alone in the house since wednesday (minus the herd of animals we have). it's surprising how much i've actually really enjoyed it. it makes me think that, eventually, i could live alone if i had to (and i might, depending on where i get a job... if i get a job).

i'm drinking a little chardonnay and reminding myself how much i can't wait to be drinking a little chardonnay and waiting for matt to come home from work.

i'm watching house hunters and all i want is to be able to look for an apartment/house in some random city and be excited about moving in and having the money to decorate, sort of, and what have you.

also, there is no reason for capri sun to have a clear bottom. capri sun looks gross. don't ever look at it!

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