what i want
22.06.14 | 2:22 pm

i just wanna magically have a job where i make $35,000 a year so i can buy wine that's more than $8 and so i can buy fancy dog food for Emma and have my own apartment/townhouse/home with an office and live there with matt so we can binge watch tv together and go on hikes and go running together and have our own friends and meet them in bars and still have enough money to fly home sometimes and matt will finish his degree and get a good job too and then in a couple of years teach english in south korea and go off exploring europe and then move somewhere close to back home and maybe have a kid or two and get another dog so emma has a friend and we will have this tiny, simple, complicated life where we get to go on vacations and visit our friends who moved far away and it be perfect.

or you know, something like that.

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