matthew and erin were both perfect
20.07.14 | 12:38 am

last night, two of my very best friends and former roommates were married. it was beautiful, as to be expected. i assumed i would cry my eyes out, but i held it in and danced all night instead.

erin was truly a beautiful bride--this nice flowy dress with this beautiful beaded belt and bright red lips--she was perfect. and so, so crazy happy.

in two days, i'll be in colorado with my boyfriend for a month.

i'm tired, drank some wine tonight, not sure what to think. about anything.

my nails still have pink polish on them. i spent the night of the wedding dancing to a playlist i ordered (and that was luckily a hit). i ate brunch that was mexican-inspired this morning and delicious with a lot of people who were in the wedding party or who attended.

my mom has been discussing a lot about vacation in october, vacation i've invited matt to. pictures and the like to be taken.

he is a slow apologizer.

i wish he could've been at the wedding with me. of course, that was impossible.

we do what we can, i suppose.

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