25.07.14 | 4:09 pm

i'm in colorado now--have been for a few days.

today is matt's aunt karen's 60th birthday, so me, her sister sue, and matt's mom mary, went out to eat at this nice little tea house and got pedicures. while we were eating, karen said to me, "you are an intelligent, kind, and nice looking girl, very likable. don't ever forget that."

the context made it seem like she was saying: "you are way too good for matt."


it's odd to go from not seeing your boyfriend for four months to have three straight entire days together.

we have slept and napped and watched so much random tv and fucked several, wonderful times (to the point where i couldn't handle doing anything yesterday at all) and held each other and eaten food and just enjoyed being around each other.

we went to a free concert down at the park and talked to these two nice people at the bench. i got excited at every dog that passed us (passively, mind you) but matt would, every time, ask if we could pet the dogs, even the two beautiful miniature schnauzers who reminded me of emma.

i miss emma, but she is actually being walked and whatnot so i am less worried than i was before i left.

it's so nice to feel someone's arms around you you've missed so much.

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