while i'm waiting for him to come home from work
08.08.14 | 10:46 pm

the other day, we were driving to denver to pick up the new subaru legacy that matt bought (that i found for him) and we were stuck in this awful traffic.

hotel california came on the radio and i sat there in the passenger's seat, my feet on the dash, and sang every word of that song to matt.

today he got the call that he is finally being seriously considered for the the sterilizing technician position he applied for a month ago (thanks to my pushing) in the same hospital.

in a week and a half, he starts to finish his degree.

his family makes several comments about me moving out here, getting a job, etc...

it is nice to know that (as of right now, anyway) i am making this positive impact. matt seems so crazy happy. it is almost like he was directionless for a while, wandering around, and now he has this idea of where he is headed.

and isn't that nice?

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