watching the mindy project forever
12.08.14 | 9:12 pm

the thing about long distance relationships is that, in a way, they have to move much "faster" than regular relationships.

for one thing, there needs to be an end goal in sight: when will we be living in the same place?

in thinking about that, it escalates to: well, if i were to move out here, we might as well move in together, as opposed to, i will move relatively near you and get my own place, etc. etc. etc.

everything also feels so much more... intense. when there is a stupid fight, it feels like much more than that, especially when you're 1,000 miles away. and even when you are in the same place and you fight, you're worried because you only have x amount of days left together and you want them all to be good.

something i have learned recently: i am really bad at communicating.

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