don't ignore me forever
24.08.14 | 10:45 am

i feel miserable.

i really don't want to start back at school tomorrow. i'm not ready for it at all. just thinking about the amount of stress i will probably be dealing with this semester makes me want to cry.

drank wine last night, had super fun talking to matt for an hour, then he wanted to go do something else i guess and apparently i'm some crazy psycho bitch because it made me really upset.

i mostly just feel alone. felt.

i'm the worst. i'm really just the worst.

i feel gross. i look gross. i've lost and kept off 20 lbs but it's not like it matters because i am still terrible.

i keep putting off everything i need to do for tomorrow.

my mom is coming up here today with all her sisters, but then one of my cousins decided to join, and now i can't even ride with them. i have to drive separately. that makes me sad.

whatever, i'm a stupid whiny girl and i hate everything forever.

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