plus, i'm getting a $1,008 refund from my loan.
24.08.14 | 8:26 pm

today got better.

when i walked into the mall and saw my family, my mom actually said, "i almost didn't recognize you since you've lost weight."

that made me feel a lot less disgusting, as i was feeling earlier. also, i got a nice dress i'm wearing to teach in tomorrow and a couple of cardigans and also a nice blouse to teach in.

being around my mom and her sisters makes me really happy. they are so candid and talk about everything and it's just hysterical. being that i was always around boys when i was younger, it is really nice to surround myself with female family members.

i also have the best friend/roommate/person in the whole entire world, and now we are going to see the avett brothers (again!) in october. i love it. love love love love love it.

i have gotten a lot of things ready for tomorrow, i think i'm ready to teach--i just need to print out and copy my syllabi. i am ready, now, i think.

deep breaths, tia.

it should be my goal this semester to just take things as they come. step by step. deep breaths.

i will get through this.

i will graduate.

i will get a well-paying job.

the end.

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