08.09.14 | 2:26 pm

i feel so refreshed now. i feel like, now, everything is fine and i can actually make it through this semester and i can graduate and everything.

i'm making a baked potato and i'm gonna bake some chicken and sautee some vegetables and i am excited about it.

yesterday, while running, i hit an uneven sidewalk and wiped out, and now my knee is swollen and scraped up. i ran a mile home with blood all over my leg.

but then an hour later i went to yoga with zehra.

i feel so calm and at ease. i have a lot to do tonight, but i know i can do it.

in three weeks (and a day), i get to see matt. we get to go to the beach with my family and relax.

after two weeks, i had a life crisis, and i-don't-know-what-i-want-to-do-anymore crisis, an i-can't-do-this crisis. but i talked it out with a few people (it's like i always forget it's an option) and it helped.

and i told matt a lot of things about being scared, a lot about how i react to things when i'm upset and how certain things make me feel unloved. it was good to get off my chest, and now he knows. and now i know more about him. and it's nice.

my two year old nephew got his first stitches, in his forehead, the other day. i got to talk to him on the phone this morning and he said, "hey, tia, are you ready to go to the beach?" and i asked him if he was having a good day and he just talked and talked and is so cute, you don't even know.

i always feel like things are falling apart and then, all of a sudden, i realize they're not. i realize i'm fine. that everything is okay.

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