7 real jobs applied for
19.09.14 | 8:31 pm

i didn't work out today and i really wish i didn't feel this terrible about it. i won't get to work out tomorrow, either, unless i wake up really early and run before going to kayley's.

today is my dad's 48th birthday.

i have applied for seven "real jobs" this week. one is in kentucky and the other six are in colorado. i am watching for kentucky, tennessee, and colorado for the most part, but am keeping my eyes open for other options, as well.

less than two weeks until i can see matt again and go on vacation.

i asked matt today, what made you decide that it would be worth it to date me? that i was worth enough to have a long distance relationship? and he just said that he knew when i asked to come visit him in colorado for the first time. it was sweet.

i think my oral exam is scheduled for november 18.

there is a lot to do. all the time. even now, i should be grading esl journals or reading wide sargasso sea or preparing peer review for my 100 classes.

basically, i love everything, and everything is exhausting. but that's okay. i think that's just life.

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