almost to 25
23.09.14 | 10:37 am

i appreciated my professor noticing my weight loss a lot more than i originally thought i would.

i'd been stuck at 20 lbs for months, literally since the end of may. but today i weighed myself and i've lost 3.6 lbs since i got back from colorado almost a month ago, meaning i'm only 1.4 lbs away from being able to say i've lost 25. and that is pretty cool to me.

i had been worrying that the changes i have maybe noticed were not real. that i had made them up inside my head. that not only did i not look different, but in fact i looked worse.

and sometimes i tell matt this stuff and he reminds me, "tia, you have literally been complaining to me that your pants and your underwear are falling off of you. obviously it's there." and he will tell me how excited he is for me, and it's very nice.

i am sure this more sudden loss is from the fact that i am doing (a minimal amount of) weight training and not just running and walking emma now. instead i'm doing all these machines like the elliptical and the cross body thing and am exercising almost 6 days a week.

i feel good. that's all i mean to say.

i just feel good.

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