just watching hgtv forever as per usual
25.10.14 | 8:32 pm

just had a really good night last night with three of my best friends, all four of us together again, brunch this morning just like always.

now tonight i am wallowing at my parents' house and believing i'll never get a job ever or even pass my oral exam.

blah blah de blah blah.

when will i ever stop saying the same thingggggg


my lit professor on my oral exam committee has had my reading list since the beginning of the semester and just now decided i can't have one of my favorite books (hemingway's the garden of eden) on my list.


my dog has, for the second time now, scratched herself so much that there's a huge scab behind her ear. i think it may be anxiety but i do not actually know. maybe she is allergic to something.

i haven't worked out in a few days, been studying and getting teaching stuff out of the way, applying for jobs, etc.

all i want to do tonight is eat.

i've got to find some better things to eat and some better workouts.

my mom gave me $30 for my $45 oil change today, which was nice. really nice, actually.

what am i going to do when i live somewhere and my parents aren't just an hour away? what will i do? i almost cried a few months ago when i was telling matt why i was scared and one reason was, "who will cut my hair?" (my mom is a hairdresser.)


i look at jobs daily, apartments daily

things will fall into place one way or another, i know, and there's no use worrying so much. i'm working on it.

i'm working on it.

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