matt knows nothing about my job search!
27.10.14 | 8:35 am

i want to write about the fact that my boyfriend proved to me yesterday that he knew literally next to nothing about my job search, but i feel now like maybe i've been too harsh.

so yesterday we were talking on his way to work and he got mad at me for not reapplying to all of these stupid jobs with a colorado address instead of a kentucky one. i told him that i guess i just got more excited about the prospects of this job i heard back from lately. and he said, "you mean the one that doesn't have any opening?" and he was cruel about it.

we have already had conversations about how i want him to be supportive of my job search and that's literally all i need from him about it. whatever.

then i had a huge going-on about how much pressure i was under for the job search, teaching classes, taking classes, and studying for my oral exam, while he just does to his stupid job.

later on, i found out he literally couldn't tell me anything about my interview this week, and he also couldn't tell me anything about my interviews last week, not even the job i was offered.

he tried to twist this into a positive thing about how he doesn't care what job i get as long as it takes me to colorado. but it still proves he doesn't care.

anyway, i was just super upset about it all night until 1:30am and i was all, "i have to go to SLEEP because i have an INTERVIEW tomorrow and i have to TEACH."

maybe i'm too harsh.

but mostly i think that's unacceptable. something taking up so much of my time, something i talk incessantly about...and he knows literally nothing.

i guess the argument is over but i still feel terrible about it.

whatever, i want to listen to taylor swift's new album forever. who cares.

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