good things to come, i think.
14.11.14 | 6:48 pm

i told matt today that i'm in the "check the references" stage with this esl job in kentucky. he just stopped and said, "tia, that means that they like you enough that they want to double check that you're awesome. i really think you're going to get this job. that's so wonderful!"

and it is! right? and thinking about it now, i started crying. his response was so, so, so nice, and so, so, so perfect. and he just sounded so, so, so excited.

that's exactly what i've been wanting. to know that, if i get offered this job, if i take this job, it will be okay.


i got a massive headache earlier, and though i originally thought i'd study all night, i changed my mind and: took a shower, painted my nails (!!!), and have cried numerous times while watching say yes to the dress.

i think i'm going to call my mom.

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