i'm a master.
13.12.14 | 8:26 pm

i officially graduated today. i walked the line with two very good friends and i got a little teary eyed during one of the speeches and afterwards we took pictures and my family took me out to mellow mushroom and i ate a very delicious calzone.

now, sue and i have been bingeing on netflix movies. we watched the one i love which was beautiful and also a total mind fuck (that i would totally recommend) and also drinking buddies which was nice but very unresolved. they are exactly the kind of movies i love and have spent the entire semester avoiding due to being busy and too many feelings.

i'm already drinking some celebratory wine. matt obviously couldn't be here but he did text me this morning and leave me a nice voicemail.

we found out yesterday, on our one year anniversary, that we got the apartment we wanted at the price we hoped for. that's a lot off of our plates. it's very exciting. though i wish our relationship could take a more ordinary path, you can't always get what you want, and i love him, and i'm excited to be with him. i've never had a "regular" relationship. i go too fast, get caught up. i'm probably doing that now, but who can tell until it's done?

i'm pleased with where we are, where we're going. i feel confident and slightly scared (in a good way) and excited about the present and the future.

i have three weeks in kentucky before we head out to colorado.

i've never been more proud of myself than i am for graduating today, for making it through this degree in one piece, leaving it as a much better person than i was when i entered it.

and i'm allowed to say that.

because i'm happy with myself, through and through.

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