peaceful waters
16.01.15 | 7:05 pm

diaryland, what is your deal? i can't leave anyone notes and no one can leave me notes even though they're turned on? come on, man.


on wednesday, i have my actual in-person final stage interview with this charter school. i have to perform 30 minutes of a whole 50 minute lesson, interview with the superintendent, and interview with the principal. all in all, it should take about two hours.

i need to be preparing more, but i always do this. i'll wait until sunday or monday, freak out, and get everything done and prepared.

i just need to keep telling myself that i have made it this far. there is something about me that they like. my credentials are good and i deserve a job that is this good.

we will see, won't we?


the apartment is coming together nicely. we have every room except for the dining room set up. there are only three boxes we haven't unpacked (and two of those are my school books and our dvds). we have some more furniture to buy eventually, and we will be hanging art and curtains next week.

i am excited. it feels like things are falling into place.

tonight, i am going to teach one more class, research interview questions to prepare for, and drink a few glasses of wine. tomorrow we will work out together, and i will work on my lesson, and i will teach another eight or so hours' worth of classes. i find out next week how many courses with the community college i will be teaching.

this candle just smells incredible.

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