i'm the satellite and you're the sky
02.04.15 | 7:24 pm

so yeah i don't like the entry from 10 minutes ago and i'm just crying about being alone on easter and just listening to cecilia and the satellite and

remember when you were 21 and you felt so free and like you could finally do anything in the world you wanted to do and you were able to go see motion city and andrew mcmahon? and every time he sang your little 14-year-old self's heart exploded?

remember in nashville when you were 24 and you sang every goddamn something corporate song and jack's mannequin song in that crowded bar with him while he killed on the piano and it was so perfect it felt like everything was worth it, that everything was right in the world? and it suddenly mattered to you so much that you were there, that you had decided to go?

i don't know, i want someone to talk to and not to judge me and i just want to cry and cry and cry right now because everything hurts and i know i moved out here knowing i would almost be alone but i don't know

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