06.04.15 | 2:28 pm

let it be known that i recognize things are much, much better and much, much easier when i just take a breath and talk about things instead of letting them ball up inside of me and kill me slowly.

i had a really good, productive talk with matt last night where i explained what has been so hard for me lately, and we talked about all of the stressful things going on in our lives right now (multiple jobs, new jobs, his dad having cancer, me being away from my family, etc.). i feel so much better.

i feel refreshed.

i have a phone interview wednesday for a full-time esl teaching position at a middle school. it's out in aurora, but at this point, i just want something full time.

matt interviewed for a position with a bank today, and i am hoping so hard that he gets it.

take a deep breath and keep going.

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