the indistinct ramblings of an exhausted person
10.04.15 | 4:34 pm

i work with this older gentleman, his name is frank, and today mary, who is basically my new best work friend, told me that frank analyzed her handwriting for her and told her she was sexually repressed. so in the couple of minutes we had before the meeting started, i asked frank to analyze my handwriting. he said that my life has recently been full of a lot of ups and downs and that i rely much more on intuition than logic. (all of this is true.) then we had to start the meeting, but everyone loved the snacks i brought and i've moved into this place where i feel respected by my peers and liked by them as well, and i sub every chance i get and meet new students all the time, and mary told me what she weighed today (which is the same as me) and how she used to weigh 250 lbs which was crazy, and also she has dual citizenship because her mom is british.

i shaved my legs and i am a little irked because matt told me yesterday he would do the laundry today (so i didn't do it last night), but it turns out he only did his laundry because he is afraid of ruining my clothes. i think that's kind of stupid, but i am going to show him what clothes (there are like three) that he shouldn't dry, and i think everything else will be fine.

i think a lot about the fact that i will never, ever follow anyone anywhere again. if anyone wants to be with me, they're coming to me, goddamn it.

that being said, i really love matt, and i think i am transitioning slowly to a place full of peace. he wrote me a really nice note today, and tonight i am going to drink a little wine while he has some bourbon and we will probably have some really good sex because it's sort of my weekend now.

emma is doing really well in obedience class and it makes me all choked up, like some mom who is proud of her kid for getting all a's or something.

there are two tiny potatoes in the oven that will be ready for me to eat in twenty minutes and i'm really excited about it.

i think i feel really proud of myself about having some friends at work now. they aren't matt's friends who are hanging out with me, but they are my friends who i made all on my own. yesterday, mary, frank, and i all sat around and talked about serial killers and how fascinated we are with them and how we love to watch tv shows about them.

there are a lot of things i want to do in denver. i desperately want to go on a date and take the light rail into the city and grab some drinks and eat some dinner and do something fun.

i bought these two bralettes from forever 21, and they both have really pretty, strappy backs and i love them so much even though my boobs may be too big to lack this much support in public. though to be honest, i don't really care because i don't have to care, and they make me happy, and that's all that matters.

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