zoo in the springs
14.05.15 | 9:45 am

matt and i used tuesday to celebrate his last day at manna and the beginning of my short break.

we drove down to the springs, walked around the cheyenne mountain zoo. we saw all of these beautiful animals and i fed an elephant (and practically squealed the whole time) and matt fed a giraffe. its long tongue twisted around the piece of lettuce before retreating back to its safe mouth.

we walked around the town of manitou springs. we went inside some shops and found the penny arcade. there were peep show boxes for five cents, and then we played air hockey and skee ball and every time i won, i jumped up and down like a child. the other patrons in the establishment smiled.

as we were making our way back to the car, i read a sign: winery. matt suggested we immediately go inside, so we did, and then we tasted four wines (they were so sweet! i nearly crumpled in my chair) and had one big glass. we made conversation with our waitress about hair dye and the area, and then it was time to eat dinner.

when we returned home, i curled up next to him under the covers as we watched food shows and our eyelids got heavier.

the entire day we held hands and kissed and laughed with each other, and it was perfect.

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