16.05.15 | 1:21 pm

living with matt is great and really wonderful but it encourages me to eat like matt does (which is to say: a lot. and a lot of bad stuff.). it also encourages me to drink (which is to say: a lot. and often.).

we both really enjoy the act of going to restaurants and eating out with friends and making pasta and eating ice cream for dessert and having wine (or bourbon in his case) but it is killing me.

i think i have a cavity forming (nooooo!) more than likely from my increased consumption of wine (as in, a bottle or two a week round abouts).

i've been drinking more water in general, which is good.

we take emma to the park and we all run across the soccer field, making her chase us, to kill her energy. we walk her and i run with her. but my workouts aren't consistent, and they aren't enough to keep me feeling healthy.


i need to regroup. i just ate pasta for lunch and matt is making a different pasta for dinner. kill me. i love pasta.

also, matt is fairly lazy. he is lazier than i am. sometimes i just get to restless i have to make us go somewhere or do something slightly active so i don't go insane.

he has gained a bit of weight (like ten lbs i think) because since he isn't smoking weed now, he drinks more, and that's a lot of calories.

i'm still at the same basic weight, give or take a couple of pounds on a given day, but i know i'm not healthy and i don't feel healthy and i need to change it.

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