04.07.15 | 10:27 pm

i often end up in bed an hour or so before matt, simply because i wake up earlier, and that was definitely the case as i got sick last week.

when this happens, he follows me to bed, wraps his arms and legs around me, and warms me up until i fall asleep.

this time, i didn't immediately fall asleep. i lay there, breathing peacefully, and he stayed with me for at least a half hour.

then, slowly, slowly, he pulled his arm from underneath my arm. instead of simply getting up, he kept his arm on top of mine, warming it.

a few minutes later, he untangled his legs from mine, but kept them close.

a few minutes later, he started inching away.

a few minutes later, he inched away some more.

eventually, slowly, slowly, he rolled all the way away from me and quietly, quietly, stood up and left the room.

he treats me in the sweetest way.

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