getting to wedding 2
14.07.15 | 6:19 pm

i am running on fumes.

i am trying to get everything ready for my subs this week, making my quizzes and lesson plans, figuring out my private lessons, still working online, subbing for another teacher, trying to come up with plans for culture camp...

thursday, we head to nashville, stay the night, then head to bowling green, then back home for the rehearsal dinner, the next day is the wedding, and we won't be home until 11pm on sunday night.

then i need subs for two classes on monday because i have an interview for a full time esl teaching position at a language academy and oh, i also need to prepare a short lesson for that, and you know prepare for interview questions in general.

next week is reviewing all week which should at least be slightly easy.

i cannot catch up. running on fumes, and i just want to get high like i did a couple of nights ago when i just watched documentaries about tiny houses.

also, my dog got bitten by a random dog at the apartment complex that was running around without a collar or anything which was AWESOME because then we had to go to the emergency vet. but at least she's okay, she's just on antibiotics and pain medications.

matt has been working open to close this week and i essentially work from 8am-8pm and have been for about the last month.

i'm exhausted.

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